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Humans and the change we need in leadership: We matter more than we think

Fabian Dattner is the CEO of Homeward Bound and has led the largest all-female voyage to Antarctica in what she describes as the “defining dream of my life”. She has shared updates from her trip, including how the 100 women in STEM first met and endured their life changing adventure – experiencing a 21 day back to back leadership program on a ship in Antarctica.

What is Homeward Bound?
Homeward Bound is a ground-breaking, global leadership, strategic and science initiative for women, set against the backdrop of Antarctica. It aims to create a global network of 1000 women over 10 years to collaborate, promote and support each other, working to influence policy and decision making as it affects our precious planet.

Fabian will shine a spotlight on women leading as a Keynote speaker at the Research Society’s Human Insights conference: Humans and the Change we need in Leadership: We matter more than we think.

We look at the problems in our world and not their causes. Every decision we make has an effect. We must challenge leaders everywhere at every level to own this concept. Who do we influence – self, others, context. We matter more than we think. Inspiring the audience to be part of the change they want to see in our world, by understanding the power for change they have. Introducing the right to challenge the practice of leadership and to understand it as an every day skill (parents, community, teams, managers, senior leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, marketers). Understand three mindsets for influencing – self, others and within context. Learn why we get stuck and why we are settling for less than we deserve.

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Fabian will also be hosting a 2-hour leadership workshop: Becoming a Leader’s Leader

Learn how to affect change in this interactive session.

The workshop will provide practical insights into:

  • Self talk and how to change the story
  • Power of the pause
  • 1% gain
  • Engaging people (purpose, values, strategy)
  • Letting go of control
  • Influencing
  • Playing politics constructively

The structure of leadership has, in large part, for over 2,000 years, followed a military model: hierarchical, power vested in the few, follow the leader without question. That is not the world we live in. Now anyone, anywhere can rise up to shape the world we live in from tech/ ecommerce start-ups (i.e. Envato, Canva, Adore Beauty) to street activists and change agents (i.e. Malala Yousafzai, Greta Thundberg, Licypriya Kangujam). The world we have created is too complex to vest decision making at the top of a hierarchy. We need many sharing common cause and acting.

This 2-hour workshop focusses on what you can do to affect change – for yourself, others and in the context in which you live. Inspiring, practical and interactive session. A conversation with a highly regarded change agent and leadership activist.

Register for the workshop here.

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