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Mentoring Program a huge success – next round open now

Australia’s peak body for research, insights and analytics, The Research Society is pleased to announce the successful completion of their inaugural 2020-21 Mentoring Program.

In August 2020 The Research Society launched a new opportunity for research professionals to increase their skills and confidence to become business and industry leaders. 20 lucky mentees were chosen to collaborate with more senior practitioners and draw on their skills and experience to power their own potential through facilitated training and purpose-matched and supported partnerships.

The 20 mentor/ mentee pairs collaborated for 9 months and the program came to a close in March 2021 with wonderful feedback from both mentors and mentees.

Next round of mentoring open now

The Mentoring Program is an important part of professional development for employees. It gives more senior researchers the opportunity to assist less experienced researchers to build confidence, sharpen their career focus, develop leadership capacity and increase overall job engagement and satisfaction.

Partnering with The Art of Mentoring, The Research Society’s Mentor Program will deliver Members a customised online mentoring program platform with customised applications and matching criteria to deliver the best outcomes for both mentors and mentees.

The next Mentoring Program runs for nine months commencing in July 2021 and closing in April 2022. Applications for both mentees and mentors are open now – click here for more info.

Some feedback from our Mentees:

“I thoroughly enjoyed being part of The Research Society’s inaugural mentoring program. The mentor I was assigned was knowledgeable and experienced in the areas I wanted to grow in. As the mentoring relationship progressed, we were able to dive deep into areas I hadn’t considered or thought about. I gained confidence in my industry skills, knowledge, and professional expertise. I also found the structure and guidance provided by the formal mentoring program helpful in guiding the outcomes I was seeking. In a time in which we are all time-poor I found it invaluable to regularly access someone else’s time to challenge my thinking and practices. The program was worthwhile and I would absolutely recommend it to others as a wonderful way to grow, learn and develop. I look forward to one day reciprocating and giving back to the industry in the same way. Thanks TRS for your investment in emerging industry leaders!”
Eliane Miles, mentee, 2020 cohort.

“To have access to a mentor who’s a seasoned business leader and an industry-leading practitioner in research, data analytics and human insights made the mentorship experience a truly rewarding one for me. I am so glad to have been a part of The Research Society’s pilot Mentorship program — the program speaks genuinely to the Society’s objective of supporting and advancing members professional development.”
Adekunle Onipe, mentee, 2020 cohort

“When I heard about the Mentoring Program, I thought I would not be the target user for it. In fact, I thought someone younger would get into the program not me. So getting selected eventually felt like winning the lottery. And it was winning the lottery for me especially considering the stage I was at my career. I was so confused, frustrated and disappointed. I simply had no idea how to handle my career. I was so lucky because my mentor was my perfect match. I was so lucky because I finally had somebody I can TRUST…. I finally had somebody who understands ME. I finally had somebody who has no preconceptions and has a genuine interest in my profession, knowledge and skills I have learned over the years. I believe the outcome of the program will be unique to individuals. In my case, I have learnt to be patient. I didn’t know but my mentor did… I had to learn how to be patient to be happy at work.”
Hande Akman, mentee, 2020 cohort

“The Research Society mentee program was a really rewarding experience. As I am sure with most of us we all get caught up with our work and don’t often have time to concentrate on ourselves. So it was a great opportunity to have someone to listen to and discuss topics in an open, honest, constructive and really positive environment. I also found that we didn’t even need to meet in person because it was just as easy to build up the rapport via zoom/teams. My time with my mentor really gave me more confidence to express myself at work. As it is a niche program you can focus on whatever is most pertinent to the mentee. I would really recommend being a part of the program.”
Joanne Holmes, mentee 2020 cohort

“The Research Society’s Mentoring Program was an energising experience. My mentor was so insightful and willing to take what I wanted to achieve from the program and run with it. She also supported me through some adhoc challenges in my day-to-day working life as they arose. It was so useful to get a broader picture of the industry to consider my future from all angles. From this experience I feel like I know myself and where I want to go in my career better.”
Steph Perry, mentee, 2020 cohort

“The mentoring program has been a rare and invaluable opportunity and one for which I am very grateful. My mentor (John) was outstanding and added value in every single meeting. The questions John asked of me really helped me dig deep and expand my thinking and plans for the next few years. I am later in my career rather than at the beginning and I found the experience of working with John really helped me navigate a career crossroads.  John’s experience is vast and so he was able to bring a broad perspective to the conversations which is just what I needed. This program is hugely beneficial for anyone at any stage of their career journey and I highly recommend it.”
Simone Sietsma, mentee, 2020 cohort

“It was great to have the opportunity to set dedicated time aside for my individual growth and career development goals in a structured and supported way. Being matched with a mentor from our industry that has the expertise to support my goals was a stand out point of different in The Research Society’s mentorship program.”
Michelle Di Berardino, mentee, 2020 cohort.

“The program was an invaluable experience for me. My mentor acted as an experienced, impartial sounded board for me to step back and consider my long term career progression and opportunities in the field. We had a great rapport and plan to stay in touch.”
Tom Wakefield, mentee, 2020 cohort.


“Senior leaders in our industry should reach out and connect with mentors rather than assume that they have to shoulder it alone.  My mentor’s thinking usefully challenged my assumptions. He gave me the confidence to tackle hard decisions by considering some divergent options that really paid off.”
Kylie Brosnan, mentee, 2020 cohort.


“This was a well resourced and professionally-run program that was very useful as I broadened my career from design research to market research. The expertise, support and generosity of my mentor was appreciated as I navigated new corporate terrain.”
Mia Northrop, mentee, 2020 cohort.


“Having been in research for 10 years, I felt confident and competent in my day-to-day work, but I thought that joining the mentor scheme could help me grow and develop as a researcher. I wanted to work on setting career goals to have something to focus on outside the day-to-day work. I found the scheme really helpful in this regard – it was great having a neutral sounding board to talk to, and having fortnightly catch-ups forced me to take the time out of my day to think strategically about my goals. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this scheme to any mid-career researcher.”
Anita Ganguly, mentee, 2020 cohort.

“Taking part in the mentorship program was an invaluable experience. Jem has been an exceptional mentor to me. His willingness to share his own experiences and wisdom have not only been inspiring but have helped me to become better at my work and empowered me to the next steps in progressing my career. Thank you!”
Fiona Wong, mentee, 2020 cohort.

“It is an exceptional mentorship programme that has helped me develop key leadership, organisational and team development skills. My extremely capable mentor also enabled me to chart a career path that leveraged my strengths and identify future core competencies”
Mobasher Zein Kazmi, mentee, 2020 cohort.


“A great opportunity to learn from the experience of industry leaders, gain practical advice, guidance, encouragement and support in mastering the ability to persuade and influence others. The program also provided an opportunity for me to build my confidence in empowering others to make decisions and developing strategies to deal with change.”
Bailey, mentee, 2020 cohort.

“My time with Duncan reinforced the value of genuine engagement in managing change. In particular, creating an environment to improve capability, create opportunity and trigger motivation to change behaviour.”
Micheline Spammer, mentee, 2020 cohort.

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