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The Australian Social Connection and Belonging Survey

MEDIA RELEASE: February 23 2022: Loneliness is a growing health issue in Australia. All of us are vulnerable to experiencing loneliness, yet Australia does not have an appropriate tool to identify people who are at risk of loneliness. Ending Loneliness Together, together with Wallis Social Research and Swinburne University have launched an online survey to validate a measure of loneliness in Australian adults. They require Australians from all walks of life to share their views and experiences relating to loneliness and belonging.

The aim of this project is to validate a measure of loneliness in Australian adults, understand the distribution of loneliness across the Australian population, and examine the relationship between loneliness and other variables like a sense of belonging, or mental health. The results of this project will assist researchers, community groups and clinicians in better assessing, identifying, and addressing loneliness in Australia.

Ending Loneliness Together is a national network of organisations who have come together to address the emerging problem of loneliness in Australia. Scientific Chair and Registered Clinical Psychologist Dr Michelle Lim says, “Loneliness is an issue we need to better understand and address now – Loneliness is bad for our health, communities, and is an economic threat to society.”

To support them in this project, they have partnered with Wallis Social Research, a social research organisation grounded by a mission to conduct research that has a positive impact on society.

Together, they are asking Australians to spare 11 minutes to end loneliness in the Australian community.

Participation in this research involves the completion of an online survey that takes about 8 minutes. The survey asks about some basic demographic information (e.g., gender, age), and also involves the completion of a set of standardised questionnaires on loneliness, mental health, and sense of belonging. This online survey can be completed at the time and place of your choosing.

Additionally, participants also have the option of completing a follow-up online survey 1-month after the completion of the first survey. This follow-up survey is shorter, taking only about 3 minutes, asking questions about loneliness and mental health. At the end of the first survey, you will be asked whether you are interested in doing that follow-up survey. Completion of both surveys is helpful for our research but is not required; you can just do the first 8-minute survey without doing the follow-up survey.

No matter who you are or what your views and experiences are, your participation will provide valuable insights to help end loneliness. Click here to take the survey now.

For further information, and contacts for this project visit

About Ending Loneliness Together
Ending Loneliness Together is a national network of organisations who have come together to address the emerging problem of loneliness in Australia.

Website: Wallis

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