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The Research Society seeks to assist its members in general and provides specific sub-groups for members with common interests.  One such group is the Independent Researchers Group (IRG), which started 20 years ago to support The Research Society members working in micro-businesses.

The IRG members come together in this The Research Society group because the group helps them to broaden their business and professional skills.  It keeps them connected with other people who are interested in research in all aspects.  The IRG enables its members to discuss research approaches and research needs with colleagues, and so strengthen all their businesses, via a private-to-IRG members only email exchange and wiki.

The exchanges on the IRG Grapevine are about research methods, research platforms, business management needs and tools, places and people, the industry, and its future.  All exchanges abide by the Trade Practices Act and no pricing and no collusion happens, just a clear exchange of assistance freely and willingly given and taken between trusted and trusting colleagues.

From time to time, IRG members also share work with each other, and have a good feel for the additional strengths other IRG members will bring to their projects, enhancing the value for the end clients.

The IRG helps its members with personal and special training that meets its members’ specific needs.  The IRG training has varied from an introduction to Zoom at the start of the Covid pandemic, to reviews of techniques, research platforms, research approaches and relevant secondary data, all of which can strengthen the insights IRG members provide to their clients.

If you are currently working in a small research business or have your own small social, market or insights research business, contact Membership at The Research Society – – to know more about your benefits from joining the IRG. Or see more on The Research Society website Independent Researchers Group and apply to join today!

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