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“The infinite game” of tech

A glimpse of what our speakers are presenting at the 2022 Human Insights Conference!

Research technology (ResTech) has always been an interesting topic of conversation in the human insights industry. Our job has remained the same for a long time – extract human insights to empower organisations to make decisions. However, the way in which we do so has changed, and continues to change, over time.

Over the last two decades, there have been enormous shifts in what we do: from face-to-face to online saw quick wins in profitability and scale, but largely at the expense of respondents; we’re still d facing challenges with respondent engagement and data quality as a result. The accelerating pace of behavioural / big data set creation, collection and curation is a goldmine only partially explored, but this has opened up a minefield of ethical, moral and legal dilemmas; the Cambridge Analytica and election-influencing scandals have broken the public’s trust with giving too much data away. Now facial coding and AI tools are opening up opportunities about how retailers deploy this tech, not just in the fight against theft, but how this might be used in marketing applications; this raises all sorts of ethical questions. And the pace is only accelerating.

Whether you’re agency or clientside, we all should want to be using the latest technology. Technology provides a means to deliver either richer insights, and/or more quickly, and/or more efficiently. But it’s easy to be cautious about being too vocal about one’s latest discovery for fear of giving away a crucial edge.

What we’re most excited about for this conference is breaking down this barrier, deliberately setting out to create conversations around technology. Let’s treat technology for what it is – as an enabler to further our industry, embracing Simon Sinek’s Infinite Game Mindset. When we succeed, individually, our industry succeeds. Given how important this topic is for the future of our industry in bridging the gap between consumers and organisations, it’s exciting that Future Tech remains a consistent theme and dedicated stream throughout the conference.

We’re opening this year’s Future Tech Stream with a live discussion (you’re all invited) about the technology that we’re using in our role as human insights professionals. This is both looking inward at the tools we might use to help manage our day-to-day, and outward at the tech we might leverage in extracting, decoding, or socializing insights. These insights will feed into a Hackathon planned for November.

We’re then convening a roundtable of Chief Product Officers, in which we invite them to share what’s on their roadmap for the year ahead, and how we, as Human Insights Leaders, can help provide the insights to support them.

Day two involves a discussion on the pitfalls and possibilities of emerging tech, including a great learning session and discussion on crypto.

We wrap up with a session from leaders who are at the coalface of designing technology themselves. Beyond dealing with some big topics we face as an industry, we have a session dedicated to the pioneering woman of ResTech. Given the woeful under-representation of women in both leadership roles and technology in general, having such inspiring powerhouses will make for a series of superb sessions and wrap-up panel discussion.

We look forward to seeing you at a few sessions in August!

Committee members: Joel Vermaas, Founder, Vibrant Insights; Sonny Sethi, Director, Marketing Research, Zip; Chris Mawn JP, Co-Founder, McNair Yellow Squares; Anna Truong, The Evolved Group


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