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Growing the essential belief in research

A glimpse of what our speakers are presenting at the 2022 Human Insights Conference!

Growing the essential belief in research – How can we increase our credibility in the minds of research end-users by better understanding their attitudes?

We’re all well attuned to some of the things people say about research.

We’ve heard what Steve Jobs thinks about focus groups. We are acutely aware of the say-do gap. We’ve handled cynics at research debriefs.

At the same time, we show up to work knowing that we meet a real need as an industry and that we succeed at delivering insight.

We don’t always get visibility of how research end-users think about research

Belief in research is critical for our industry to function. This is not just about research impact; its about the genuine confidence that research can guide the correct business decisions. Unfortunately, we don’t always get visibility of how research end-users think about research.

We can hypothesise that an end-user’s belief in research is shaped by business philosophies, perception of data quality, areas of misunderstanding and more.

So, why don’t we put these hypotheses to the test by doing what we do best – conducting research? As a team at Picnic Customer Intelligence, we’ve decided to design a study and bring this topic to the 2022 Human Insights Conference.

Understanding the attitudinal landscape Here’s what we’re setting out to do as far as research objectives go…

  1. Understand the range of attitudes that exist toward research (including both positive and negative attitudes) and how these to trust in research
  2. Identify potential personas that could help us to characterise views that exist
  3. Compare the attitudes of providers and users of research to understand possible opportunities to bridge gaps

Our research design will use both depth interviews and a quant survey to address these objectives.

What will we share at the conference? Understanding the attitudes of research end-users could have implications for all of us across the industry. We want to understand where we are at, how we got here, but most importantly, what we should do from here.

We expect to encounter some tension and challenges. Ultimately, we hope to offer practical tips for interactions with end-users and areas for future improvement. We look forward to some constructive conversation on this topic at the Human Insights Conference.

Presenters: Matt Howley and Raymond Lo, Picnic Customer Intelligence

See program day one: Human Insights Conference

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