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Human centricity in the Metaverse

A glimpse of what our speakers are presenting at the 2022 Human Insights Conference!

The world our clients’ customers live in is changing… It seems weird to call the internet as it stands today an old technology, process or paradigm, but it soon will be. This is hopefully not news to anyone, but if you take a moment to think about what that means for the construct of everyday life for customers, employees and businesses, it becomes clear that the shift to web 3.0 will be faster and more dynamic than many are likely prepared for.

Web 3.0 opportunities will be a fundamental change to how we live, communicate, shop, travel, learn, play and work. This will change the foundation of business. Just ask Microsoft who, in November, stated “the metaverse has the ability to stretch us beyond the barriers and limitations of the physical world”

Advertising, brand immersion / experience, user experience, customer experience and research methods can all be re-thought and re-shaped in this exciting time.

The potential of web 3.0 is the reason Facebook re-branded itself as Meta and it just announced haptic gloves enabling us to touch our digital items. It’s the reason H&M already have a metaverse store, Adidas are collaborating with digital designers ‘A bathing ape’, investors are piling money into tech hardware firms, and why luxury brands are already making millions in a new economy. The whole virtual reality infrastructure will look to stimulate more of our senses to provide as close to a realistic experience as you can get in a digital landscape.

When you go down this conceptual rabbit hole it becomes quickly evident that consumerism and citizenship is about to evolve rapidly in this new digital frontier. Therefore, to stay relevant, it’s more important than ever to know where people are coming from today and where they want to be tomorrow.

But changing behaviour won’t simply occur in the digital world… This evolution will change the expectations consumers have on brands and businesses. As media and channels to market continue to fracture, brands will need to make even greater efforts to ensure that they connect with the right people in the right way. But the greatest aspect of this is that the expectation for immersive brand experiences will elevate significantly, and a critical need for this immersion to be tailored to the individual (or segment).

Consumers will expect the brand experience they walk into to be point-in-time appropriate and reflect their age, gender, and psychographic profile.

It’s not just about the tech, it’s about human centricity in everything businesses do… As consumers evolve in this new paradigm, 3arc is an insights agency that understands the micro trends emerging within the macro environment to provide the nuance required in brand and communication approaches, across all sectors.

3arc by DBM is a new, full-service insights consulting agency, blending decades of experience with effective outcome-driven frameworks. We combine the science and art of insights together to power growth. We do this through a unification of approaches in a complex world, which is what is needed in the evolving consumer landscape and ongoing disruptions. Whether this be through emerging tech solutions or simply walking a mile in your customers shoes, we are a team who provide vision and a path forward for our clients.

At 3arc we’d love to work with you on your approach to improving consumer outcomes and elevate what you expect of your strategic intelligence and insights agencies.

Every brand has a story.

Every story has an arc. 3arc by DBM

Presenter: Matthew Bond, DBM consultants

See program day one: Human Insights Conference

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