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MESH Experience wins Quirks Market Research Supplier award

MEDIA RELEASE: November 11 2022: MESH Experience beat over 200 submissions to win the Market Research Supplier (under $10mn) category of the Quirks Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards. 

The award winners were announced at The Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards Virtual Ceremony on November 7, 2022.  In the words of Dan Quirk, Vice President of Quirks “While we (and our sponsors) bring the awards to the industry, it was your insight peers that chose you as the winner. You should be proud! The entry form is detailed, the judging rubric comprehensive and the competition stiff. Just being a finalist is impressive – and being chosen as a winner is a real accomplishment. Congrats!”

MESH Experience was founded on an innovative concept to fill a marketing effectiveness gap.  Marketers needed to understand the whole customer experience – everything from TV ads to digital and retail.  By 2012, Harvard Business Review had called Real-time Experience Tracking (RET) “a new tool (that) radically improves marketing research”.

Following a tough pandemic, the company was applauded for re-grouping as a team and investing in its growth plan, putting it on track to deliver 42%+ revenue growth in 2022 vs 2021.

MESH Experience was praised for collaboration, through client, partner and team experiences, being fundamental to their ways of working.  The company has become a verb for one client, “Shall we MESH it?” and has recently been a Finalist in both The Marketing Society Awards and the Marketing Week Awards.

The Awards advocate the importance of making a business difference. From helping one client grow their revenue by +350%, to monetizing NPS for another client, reducing churn and growing customers, the company’s work positively impacts clients’ brands.  Pivoting to offer weekly insight to banks during the pandemic free of charge, demonstrates the agility of the MESH team, resulting in winning two clients.

The judges look for examples of putting back into the industry.  MESH Experience is a diverse-owned business, committed to championing DE&I, and launched a diverse-owned insight consultancy network, Diversity Unlimited, in June 2022 to help corporates easily buy diverse insight solutions.

The Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards, powered by Quirk’s Media, recognize the researchers, suppliers and products and services that are adding value and impact to marketing research. Finalists are selected by a panel of judges made up of a combination of end-client researchers, supplier partners and Quirk’s editorial staff. 

MESH Experience Global Managing Director, Dana DiGregorio said, “This is an incredible honor, and we are filled with pride and gratitude.  This past year, we decided to focus 100% on our team: growing, creating, learning and connecting.  We’ve invested in our people – building a shared culture and focusing on wellness throughout the organization and the return has been invaluable.  The fact that we have accomplished so much and are now recognized for this formally, is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the global MESH Experience team.”

Website: MESH Experience

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